Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Its almost fun again...almost

Long time no post. Ive been very busy with sell in, running(sweet!) and basically staying away from the computer when i dont have to be on it.

Running wise things have been going amazingly well. my long run has gone from 77min to 90min in the last two weeks and i have felt more fluid and relaxed on nearly all of my runs. Sell in is always hectic and usually i take more zero's then days run but so far ive gotten in 6 days a week. The 50m weeks havent come but they have been 49, 46 and 47 miles on 6days so i will definately take that.

Work wise i see the drawbacks finally of selling quarterly as we are consistently 2 months behind on showing product. Its much easier for people to write orders all during the time frame they see the majority of their brands.

Seeing as ive spent loads of time in the car here are some of the albums ive been listening to non stop. Nearly all of them are of the chill out mode.

None of those records are relatively new but believe me when i say they are all amazing in their own way. 12 angry months is honest and raw and tells of a great cycle of a year long relationship in tatters. Heartbreaker is in the same league although its quiter, softer and just a beautiful album. Being there is a double shot of warm alt country ballads and rock. It brings me back to the days when i used to sit by the fire drinking 30pks of Miller High Life after fleeing Decatur, IL and the student i was teaching for a weekend back home with my friends. Neko's record....i just compel you to listen as her voice is angelic. Boxer is simply the best record of the last few years by one of the best bands making records these days.

I guess the theme is mostly breakup and lament records and something you can think about while spending endless time on the road and in shit hotel rooms. Another thing they all have in common is they are complete records, meaning that they dont have just a single and some filler. These are records you can put on and listen to straight through over and over.

One last note--- I did my first 2 a day run that felt good since possibly 2006. Unfortunately im not looking forward to slipping around on the ice. I may be getting the gym membership like my compadre KK in an effort to stay healthy and not tweak anything in the frozen tundra of Chicago.