Thursday, December 31, 2009

On the eve of the eve

Just kicked of my NYE run and i slopped around the streets of chicago for 62:20. I again used MiCoach's free option. I hate digging thru my clothes to stop/start at every light so i just stopped my watch. Came out to 7:02p which is totally fine for what im doing.

Tonight bring going to the Double Door to see Electric 6 and Local H. As it looms laying on the couch and avoiding the madness sounds more appealing. totally not wanting to wait on cabs and watch drunk assholes....or be that drunk asshole.

So it goes.....

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

busy busy busy

It seems I can't quite commit to be a responsible blogger, possibly too many social networking fired brewing that are keeping me at bay.

So a quick recap: Sales meeting-- missed 2 days but had 3 quality days that week with a very hard 12miler and got in solid week otherwise while killing my liver and subjecting myself to pink eye and other diseases from establishments not on the Zagat surveys list.

The next week was fantastic as I did a couple of killer workouts including some 400's in 73-74 that felt completely at ease then a nice 72min run with 8x90sec on in the middle with Costello that was again totally at ease. After this I had to head to Mnlps for sell in but only managed to miss two days on the week, both being travel/work days in a blizzard so it wasnt too bad.

This week currently is shaping up pretty fair with all the travel included. Monday was an easy 45min slop around in the muck but Tuesday I got in an 8/4 double for a whopping total of 12. Today I tried to get in a workout despite the awful conditions for running fast. I managed to find a 2min patch of good running and did 10x80sec on and 80sec off running back and forth on a one way street. My hamstring has been pretty tight(right leg) so I have been careful not to exert anymore than necessary on the snow/ice.

As for music...well....lets see. Last night I saw The Good Life which was suprisingly good despite being the oldest guy there and a swarm of EMO sing alongs and fist raising. The Fleetwood Mac cover of The Chain was the highlight although I may have been one of 3 people who knew it was a cover.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

white nightmare

The snow is coming and coming and coming....

Got up early for some reason and knocked out 41min and felt pretty good. Thinking of a double but i need to run downtown for errands later on and ill need my rest i reckon. Last night was spent hanging apparel samples. This season is a large bag with many colors and many new styles...lots of hanging.

My friend Andrew is also releasing his first solo record today FREE. No reason to not check it out. Andrew was formerly of the Redwalls until that band imploded with just the brothers remaining but I did see the Sleeptalkers a few times and they are rock solid. Get there record here:

They also have a video with none other than Thax making a grand appearance.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Back from the brink

Last week was spent in Portland indulging in their fine city's establishments that we probably shouldn't go into much detail about lest you lose some respect for me. We also had our sales meetings and got to see whats new coming down the pipe for the fine 3 stripes brand.

Running is always a crap shoot at these meetings as we start early and end early in the AM each day. Monday was an easy 30min run with T-Will, Mcgrane and Jones before we had to head to catch MNF at a fine little bar where you could play shuffleboard, pingpong or drink heavily. If you are a woman of fine charachter they will also let you play shirtless....classy.

Tuesday was an off day---mainly due to Monday night and Wednesday we ran 72min hard as hell. This was supposed to be a 40min loop but old man Vonny's directional sense led us astray but I feel he knew where he was going the whole time and wanted us to suffer. Thursday was another easy 30min run while testing out MiCoach. Awesome stuff I tell you.

I landed late Thursday night and went to catch Scott band, Scott Lucas and the Married Men at the Whistler. Started out by cabbing to Willisons to have some cocktails then off to the Whistler then per the usual we topped it off at the Burlington. Both of us were in rare form and i will just say don't be a dick if you dont want your messenger bag emptied out all over the floor.

Friday was spent catching up on emails for the morning and pulling my head out of the gutter. Scott and I ended up catching "The Road" at Pipers Alley then a few pints and some mac and cheese at Corcorans before heading our seperate ways. A good night in was just what I needed. Saturday was 56min on the path where I need to stress the importance to adidas of building a wind brief. Come on guys! Sunday was an easy 45min run.

Snow has started falling...winter is officially the time to suck it up and get tough has come. I wanted to do a fartlek on the park course Baum and I do but I figured the snow would make it worthless so i stuck to the roads. I ended up doing the long bucktown route and throwing in 8-9 70-90sec surges along the way. Nothing special but enough to get the legs moving.

This morning I met Costello for an easy 64min slopping thru a snowstorm. I need to wear sunglasses for this stuff now that it looks like I smoked a pound of meth since my eyes are all red.