Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One week away

So again ive fallen off the blogging wagon which is odd when taken into consideration all the hrs i spend pissing away on facebook, dlisted, perez and other music blogs.

I have done a couple more 800 workout since then, each one progressively better and easier plus a bit faster. My simulator run was pretty rough but the upside was that I recovered within 36hrs and was good as new. This run was out at argonne and was going to be 7.5 the regular with cruising the downs hard then turning around and running steady on the ups. It was a dreary 40degree day with loads of wind. The first half felt ok, nothing special but i did not feel extra peppy, merely average. On the way out I saw JJ (2:19 marathoner and huge douche), costello(2:20 and a great dogsitter despite working for nike) and matt withrow(many time all american and 13:30 5K despite being in a body cast) hammering a tempo. To say they looked like shit was an understatement. Soon i would know why.

While the regular way at argonne is easy, running in the opposite direction is a shitkicker, The nice long gradual downs of the first 8miles end up being long unrelenting climbs that keep coming at you. The wind was directly in my face drowning out the sound of Pete Doherty's awful solo record as well as the fantastic 2nd record from Primal Scream which i have been into far too much to not be living in Manchester. With about a mile to go i was almost reduced to a stagger and merely jogged it in. Not what i was hoping for as i was completely wrecked for the day. The good news is that I was able to go out and do an easy 60min the next morning no worse for the wear and sunday i did a bit of tempo in my easy "off day" 6miler.

Since then i have managed to stay consistent but have lacked some workouts which i would like to have to get spinning and boost my confidence. Mondays have started up again with Usole runs but they dont bring back the nostalgia and good times from previous years yet. The core group who i was tight with has splintered and it seems many of my friends do the mondays at Fleet Feet. I will likely meander down there when i get a bit fitter but i digress. The mondays have served to be steady 10milers while injecting 15-18min of hard running in the middle around 6-620p. Perfect to just get a bit or pace in without killing myself.

On the music side I had to miss Andrew Birds show at the opera house which pains me since the venue and his record are great. SarahSmalls has procured National tix for Milwaukee at a great indoor venue....unfortunately in her enthusiasm to get these she failed to note we(the royal we as in I) have tix for pitcfork festival on the same night and the National plays there a day later. I suppose I'm ok with missing the Jesus Lizard but i only hope i dont have sales meetings on this weekend otherwise i will be eating more tix. Cursive comes to town....again. I love the new record as well as story of the year Scott is playing with his new band at Martyrs which I would really like to see. Travel across town to Bottom Lounge, have beers but have to drive back....no good. Walk up the street, see Whiskeytown/Replacements type music and drink as much as i want with no fear of worrying how to get home.....I'm leaning towards the latter.

Leaving for Beantown tomorrow and I snagged a new pair of trainers.

As for the race i believe ill be kicking it in the adios or aegis....its still up in the air.

That is all---probably knock a few off in the hotel room trying not to frequent the pub.

In a bit.