Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Punk Slap

I have been slacking on the blogging and i apologize. I dont have any more or less subscribers but im guessing all the extra hit are coming from Keith's page which got linked in Letsrun.com thumbs up/down section last week.

Last week i talked of taking it up a notch, adding doubles and doing core work religiously. I did no doubles and only did core work twice as after the 1st day of 100 situps i felt like a gave birth to the thing in Aliens or an olson twin. Same difference.

I ended up getting in 55miles which in looking back was my highest total since June of 2008 and probably March of 2007 to be paint an even bleaker picture of the injured running of which i was participating in. Chicago's sidewalks have cleared up enough that one can stride out and get in some decent efforts if thats what they are looking for. After a couple of medium tempo efforts and a very late night out watching the Prairie Cartel on friday the saturday long run was looming. The temp had dropped to a mark hovering right around 0 and it was a balmy 4degrees when i left the house to meet the OMTC. This was simply the best run have had in a few years. Effortless and not wanting to turn back i started having hopes of making this the first 2hr run of the year. Unfortunately after turning around the small headwind started to chill me....to the bone. The last 25min were in silence with the pace picking up gradually with each block. I was in serious pain and pissed that the brush tights and runderwear were not enough and that i may not have kids in the future. I only made it 86min but covered almost 13miles and after 15min spent doubled over and in near tears all was well with the word.

As with every saturday for the last month i met up with the EBONY crew (emptyblogofnothing.blogspot.com) and this led to meeting up for a combo of britton and costello's birthday.

The first few days of this week have been very solid if not overly ambitious. Monday saw an actual morning run of 7m and then a 6pm run of 4miles and today i may have outdone myself with 10.5 in the a.m. and 3.5 at 7pm.

I have never been one to rely on technology to get me through my runs but the shuffle has been a godsend. This weeks jams have been:

Andrew Bird--lush, great hooks and chill with some great guitar and string arts, Coconut Records -Davy: poptastic. simple, straighforward and bright, The annuals band: much like whiskeytown which is never a bad thing and lastly Frightened Rabbit: Indie pop rock with amazing lyrics.

Im lazy.

In a bit.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Case of the Mondays

Short post...mostly uneventful day.

Met up with Rick and Kyle for a run which had me leery since i hadnt eaten a good meal since saturday night and was running on coffee fumes. I felt flat and shitty the whole way. Despite being cold and the path being in terrible condition Chicago's fair share of loonies were on the path.

we saw this guy but he was bundled up in 4 layers of sweatpants, bill rogers running gloves and had a medal around his neck from the 1963 Tippecanoe Marathon acting as his bling. I kid you not when i say he was wearing a medal. I hope i dont get senile when i get old.

Next on the loon path we passed a woman who we could describe as.....a hippy/nature nut who sang the classic song by Gerry rafferty and stealers wheel "stuck in the middle..." as we ran by. Kyle wondered aloud if she was thinking of cutting mens balls off but oddly enough i only remember an ear being cut off in that movie. Kyle may have been watching the vivid version.

Emptyblogofnothing has added some features. check it out.

RH--- IN a Bit

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Take it up a notch

The hectic scramble of sell in is over for the most part, I still have about 5 accts to show product and get some orders from but due to our tight timeline sometimes you have to just take them when you get them and move forward and double back later.

Running on the sell in had been ok until the Minnesota trip as the weather totally ripped into the running week. I was stuck in a blizzard on Monday, temps were -20 on tuesday, i ran 6m in chicago on wed, thurs it was -14, Friday was -17 and saturday i just said to hell with it as i had a late night doing order entry and battling with our servers going in and out.

Its ok though on the running front as i wanted a little down time before i tried to take it up a notch. Originally i did not want to do the Boston Marathon as I have been hurt for some time and just wanted to run consistently for a good period of time and get some legs back. My comeback is nothing like KK's and even at our best we had nothing in common on the running front as he was world class and I was admittedly an average D1 runner who got good for one year out of college before an accident put my running on an hold for what has been 5yrs now. Having a job that allows me to run and have a flexible schedule has made this all the more frustrating as i have the time to do it, am around supportive people and get to run in some of the best product out there every day and travel to world class events on the company time(--sidebar---shocked we have to pay for our Boston entry but whatever...) so i cant complain one bit.

Next week I'm going to attempt to take it up a notch by incorporating some doubles and get in a good tempo effort. This will likely be dependent on the weather and condition of running routes but im sure i can manage.

Unfortunately i still believe in my head this is what im capable of:

unfortunately this is where I'm at....having Meb of all people think I am the "other" Ryan Hall.

On the upcoming shows front I think I am going to see Frightened Rabbit Saturday at the Empty Bottle

The previous day i am going to hit the bottom lounge to see my friends in the Prairie Cartel play which is always a festive time that should brighten up the dog days of winter. http://www.myspace.com/theprairiecartel

Thats all for now.

RH-- In a bit.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Deadline day and the state of music

Being a deadline day i will ultimately consume to much coffee, fast food and not remove my sweatpants for the entire day as i feverishly type in orders i have recieved and will pray to get those that have not shown up yet.

That said after walking the dog and checking in on facebook this video caught my attention on VH1Classic:

Its safe to say the Stones sold out long before this but i cant imagine Keith sitting in Villa Nellcotte France shooting smack with Grahm Parsons and saying "you know what parsons, i can see us evolving and taking on a chubby actress and have her covering our songs in the 80's. Yeah, thats going to be the vision....pass me that spoon".

As i type the next video is good old John Cougar and the video is for blood on the scarecrow and blood on the plow....seems like it would fit well in with what is going on with the middle class these days in that it seems to be disappearing.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Last time I dropped in i was sitting in a hotel room in Woodbury, MN preparing for a round of acct visits in the twin cities area. With the deadline looming days away and again having to tell buyers they had precious little time to prepare them and get them to me i was dreading this but yet again they were more than accomodating and willing to give me time and feedback that was both critical and praising yet honest.

The weather was supposed to be 0 to -20 without the windchill but there was no mention of snow. To wake up early and look outside to blizzard like conditions + a bitter cold was no good. I was scheduled to hit my last appt at 3pm for a run then some food before showing the line and when i showed up it was snowing harder than i had ever seen it years. When i asked if the run was still on the reply was "lets go get some drinks". This had me taken aback a bit but before i could answer there was a sign on the door that said "sorry, due to weather we are closing early". A nice little session of some beers, pub food and pulling product out of a bag with the buyers and employees insued for the next 8hrs....easily my longest showing ever.

Riding home i was glad the trip went well and despite the constant talk of the economy and how accts are wanting to play it close to the vest in 2009 i remained optimistic...its going to be a good 2009....be positive.

I'm home, finishing up a run in 7degree weather which wasnt bad but only 6miles. I dont want to slog around much more than that in the muck. At least it wasnt -30 since i wasnt in Mnpls anymore. That was the end of a good start to the day. Soon after i got a call that many of my friends and people who i work in the same industry with were let go and now looking for a new gig. One thing i kept thinking of is how many people think just because you work for a large company, you have an infinte amount of product, $$$, time to provide them and should do this without giving much in return.

I feel awful for my friend and fellow blogger but know he will likely land in a better position and be more apt to buy me pints very soon.

The feeling i have at the moment is that i can not wait until the snow melts, the sun comes out and it warms up and things will be much....much much better.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Another week down and aprox 17weeks until boston. This week totaled 44miles which again fell short of the magic #50. The last few weeks sunday has been the big downfall day due to day drinking on saturday. Doing the long run, not eating or drinking anything until 4pm and having that meal be fish/chips/guinness isnt the best way to treat your body.

The long run was a beat but the company was solid with britton, kyle, costello showing but Holland has walking pneumonia or something associated with wearing his womans tights on runs in the winter. Chicago had been getting pelted by snow for over 12hrs so the situation for good footing was not going to be good. Costello nearly got swallowed alive and snapped his legs on the lakefront path so caution was needed on every turn. The run ended up being just short of 80min but it was a shit kicker in every aspect.

This message is being typed from my trusty red-roof inn located in woodbury, mn and tomorrow i will see some accounts, grab a run with another and hopefully have beers with my last account of the day where i will proceed to get a new hotel closer to this store so we can hammer out some morning miles tuesday. The high is supposed to be -2 on tuesday. That is the HIGH....not going to be fun.

The drive up was brutal due to staying out until 4am and waking up at 8am today. Liam was dropped off at his trusty sitter and upon entrance proceeded to terrify Amy's new cat who reportedly needs to be taken down a notch. My belly was filled with the first food i had since my hot pockets at 4am with some spicy chilli and lemonade which hopefully gave me some little rehydration. I stopped for dinner and for the 1st and last time ever ate at Taco Johns. i have never felt more gross after a meal than i do now as i feel grease oozing out of me like a guido on hotchickswithdouchebags.com.

An oldy but a goodie that i listened to on the way up was Treble and Tremble by Earlimart. I will foerever hold a soft spot in my heart for Ariana for getting me into Club Deville in Austin during SXSW in 2005(6?). Much like elliott smith but with hookier choruses and more hooks.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back from th abyss

Its been ages since i blogges this mofo(in the lingo thanks to some nasty girls at my new hot spot "the newport").

Things have progressed from 4m a day to having 4miles being my day off essentially. The last 5 weeks or so have been right at 50m except for one week of 33 when the weather made it near impossible.

Long runs have stalled out somewhat between 75-90min. This past week seemed like a great day to knock one out and the Old Man TC had 4 people show so it was a good turnout...Holland...WTF? For some reason i felt flat the whole run. Maybe due to a light dinner the night before, an extra layer of clothing, running the same pace every day or just a simple day that i was not on.

The one main problem i have been experiencing has been a nagging pain on the medial side of my lower left leg. It feels like bone but im hoping its muscle. Its aching like a sombitch as i type and ached all night while going out for some pints. There is little to no discomfort when i run but it aches all day after. This is the same spot that i swore was broken after H2C. Focusing on strecthing the calf a bit more and hoping that helps.

Some recommended reading goes out to my boys in the 907. I love their NYE resolution and hope to be part of a good portion of it. You can read about here: emptyblogofnothing.blogspot.com