Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Last week I had my first real week of what i would consider training. Some hills, the track and then the long run. was hoping to do 2 loops at argonne labratory which would get me 19.6m and a good amount of hills.

we had a solid group of almost 10 people running together without pushing the pace which was nice. did the first 10m between 655-705p then picked it up until my 19th mile was 6:28. Finished by cutting down the last 5-6m which felt good but i was pretty spent. After staggering around the parking lot for a bit we journeyed into the suburbs for breakfast at some knock off chain rest. that served the biggest plats of food ive seen in a good while. It was wonderful except that i did motion over to kyle while riding in the back of Holland's new range rover that i thought i was going to get sick...held strong though.

I managed to NOT take proper care of myself and had someone tempt me with my vices which are basically picking up the tab and providing me company while i indulge in potent but tasty beverages. the next day it felt as if all mu muscles were knotted up.

Sunday was a light recovery run of 5miles then i napped until it was time to go see Primal Scream. Didnt know what exactly to expect but it was stellar. Each song was played like the last with great energy. It didnt hurt that we got passes and free drinks ...although it did hurt later that morning.

The week ended on 7 days with 66miles.

So far this week i have done easy miles although today was a tempo back at argonne. I did the same route fresh in July and went 24:10( i know i know i suck) but this time into a nasty headwind and not wanting to time trial like the last go round i ran 23:40 with ease. It was so easy i didnt repeat my puking from the summer. Once done i did some uphill/downhill reps on a short bunny hill.

My left hip/achilles and right hamstring have been bugging me since the long run so i need to take care of that.

In a bit.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Round and Round

I started off last week with a bang up job of posting only to fall off the wagon after only a few days.

The week ended up being 53 on 6 days with a long run of 1:46 on saturday. I would like to call it 16 but it was likely more than 15 but just short of 16. I ran with the Universal Sole crew and if you havent been in the store for awhile it may be worth another look as they have a new owner which has gotten product flowing back into the store. No better or no worse than some of the other options in chicago but the more stores that support running the better.

anyways, i did the majority of my run with McCully and Butler at just under 7:00p then Mike tossed in about 10min at -6:00p which i rather liked....for about 7min of the 10min. This led me to waddle the remaining 15min home.

Saturday was the big day/night out but i got home at an early hour. Partly from being wiped out from the run but also from going to the pub for breakfast directly after. Every time i drink Duvel I get totally pissed and blackout. This was no exception is the last thing remember is saying "split it" and then adding the tip wrong on my tab. I then woke up on the couch listening to a home buying seminar at 3am. After a trip to the bathroom i noticed my boxers were on backwards and they werent the same ones i wore out. Odd to say the least but im confident i did not bring home any stragglers.

Sunday was a day spent drinking fluids and getting ready to run. Legs were a tad beat up from wearing the Aegis on saturday but the longer i went the better i felt. Slow and easy to get the junk out.

Monday was a solid day with an 8/4 double that was good until the last 2miles of the night run. Tuesday i did hills for the first time since 2006. I went to the trails in Orland Park and did 6x1:10 up and 6X the down hard. The ups were nothing impressive, more for strength and form but the downs i wanted to pound a bit.

Wed i was in the car seeing a new account but managed to get out and roll 6miles. Felt easy but form was ragged from the previous day and the car ride.

Today indulged in the track once more but with no expectations at all. Getting close to finishing half the workout would suffice. The plan was 6x800 in 2:40. Yeah....nothing special and not even good by my dwindling standards but i need a slump buster and have to face it that i cant do what i used to. At least not yet. The rest was 2:10 and they went: 242, 2:40, 2:38, 2:38, 239 and 236. 40, windy and solo so ill take it and i felt easy doing it. Just lonely.

Saturday we have planned a group run at Argonne which has a a solid group lined up now and the goal is 2 loops which would be 19.6miles.

Going to see Primal Scream on Sunday.

Primal Scream - Country Girl (Official Music Video) - The most amazing home videos are here

In a bit~RH

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dirty 30

Yesterday was full of rain and shite weather. 40, chilly and drizzly all day. Didnt think i wanted to suffer 90+min while running in that so i did a steady 45min. Unfortunately my blackberry was abuzz with friends telling of their 20milers and 3hr runs. damn it...

Today was supposed to be a long day with holland but again its pissing rain and i have to drive to Minneapolis yet again later this afternoon. Luckily i'm going up for one appt then jamming straight home so i can get some running in with Jason Havey who coaches at UM and works at Marathon Sports.

As i will be doing here is the daily consumption and sucks

Breakfast: venti white mocha and donut
Lunch: granola bar, fritos and hummus
Dinner: 7-8 beers, chips and salsa
Late snack: choc chip cookies and orange gatorade.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

well, that wasnt what i was looking for...

From the tone of the last email you'd be hard pressed not to notice that i have been struggling something mightily with my running over the past few weeks.

Friday marked my first workout since last summer before Hood To Coast but i was pretty optimistic since i have been running consistently since november and while feeling bad lately figured i would still get the results i was hoping for.

I set reasonable goals going in, 4xmile in 530 with 2min rest. This should of been easy, more of a tempo effort. I did the first mile in 5:36 and it was ok, a little slow but it was the first one. Still, in the back of my head i was embarrased by this. The next one was 5:30 but the last lap hurt. Not a stinging "this is fast" but more of a flat this is all i have got today kind of feel. My upper body seemed to be twisting too much, breathing was labored.....bla bla bla. It didnt feel good.

Started the next one and came through in 240 and just pulled off. Yeah, i pussied out but something just isnt right. My HR was 190 after the rep. waited 2min and did another that felt better but i think only because it was the last one.

Many reasons come to mind, i havent been under 6:00p since summer, probably still feeling the after effects of the flu, not mentally tough enough to do workouts on the track alone at this point, diet is awful and ive been on the road selling in.....the list goes on and on.

I talked to my yoda in San Diego and he basically said listen, your not 22 anymore and its time you start taking care of yourself. He advised getting a physical for the first time since hs, getting an iron supplement and buying a crock pot to cook for myself. I also thought that its high time to get serious about the core work. I relayed these back to my good friend in San Francisco and he says he is going through the same thing and by god, we are going to make some changes.

Fast forward 6-8hrs and im talking to him on the phone after going to the grocery store and buying some Cuervo and sitting in line at the Wendy's drive through as he was at In-Out Burger.

As for the consumption yesterday is goes as:
breakfast: venti white mocha and glazed donut
Lunch: 2 bowls of cocoa pebbles
Dinner: wendys chicken sandwhich and biggie fries with large coke and 3 shots of tequilla added.

Now i sit here on saturday watching balls of fury despite it being awful but holy jeez the asian woman is beautiful and hope to find one like her at the ebony event.

Below is a video of my dog sitter, liams girlfriend, my old teammate/roommate and the author of an album i cant get enough of lately

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Torn and Frayed

So its been far too long since ive posted an update and my 3 followers have probably left me to cruise Perez Hilton a few more times a day.

Last month i really got cruising. Chicago had a few weeks when it was just cold, light wind and no snow. Promising weather, times and workouts loomed brightly on the horizon. Sadly enough a very adorbale 17month old baby is what did me in. That lil tike gave me the worst sickness ive had in the past 5 years as i was laid up from sunday-thurs. The nickel i ate when i was 4yrs old finally passed and im pretty sure i also puked up a lung.

While on my death bed i did feel that i finally hit my running weight but unfrotunately i have spent the last few weeks trying to regain strength and get my legs back under me. 80min was becoming routine now i want to walk home after 40min. I feel exactly as i did my last year in track. Overtrained, tired, flat and just worn down. That year i worked myself into the best shape i had been in throughout college only to be beaten down by an insane practicum schedule and could never regroup and my SR year culminated in an embarrassing 8:58 3K at Illinois in a last chance meet. Awful thoughts of Boston have been creeping into my head....i wont lie.

so instead of getting some great training im road weary from work and only suffering on the crete for 45m a week. Far from mediocre and definately less than what its going to take to even run average at Boston.

On the music front I got a few new records of late. Ben Kweller, Stone Roses, Balun....

Below are the few that ive been listening to the most


Hurricane #1

Neko Case