Tuesday, January 5, 2010

strange days indeed...

Last week topped out at 61miles for the week which is the highest ive hit since probably last fall/winter. It was a bit easier since it was kind of like an xmas break since store owners were on vacation or slammed with other brands begging to get in the doors. I of course receive samples late each time, cant make appts in advance and scramble around like a headless chicken chasing the deadline but ive come to accept being pissed off, frustrated and stressed out for 2-3 weeks and being done with it. Does it sound like I'm complaining...not really, maybe venting.

Anyhow I started tinkering around with MiCoach and its legit. Sometimes i do not like getting feedback like on days when its freezing, snowy and the HR and GPS tells you exactly how slow you are going. I did manage one workout during this time which consisted of finding a stretch of road on a one-way that was somewhat clear. I ended up doing 10x80 on 80 off so it was pretty much a 400m workout on the roads in 23 layers of clothes. The other great run i did was my saturday long run where i got in 1:50min which was about 16miles. This was totally easy and its startling how different it is running without 20lbs than it was last year.

At the moment I'm craving some mac and cheese so i leave you with The Dirty Mac. Long live Winston O'Boogie.

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Charlie Dewey said...

Yer blues is one of the most badass songs from the 60's. Clapton is God.