Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kelrock should Be Here Now

I have decided to start my blogging adventures complete with spelling errors, grammatical mistakes and historical inaccuracies thanks to a text message arguement with my good friend Keith who you can visit at his just off the ground blog at The basis of this disagreement stems around his opinion of the new Oasis record "Dig Out Your Soul".

His main argument is that Oasis does not evolve and progress their music such as Radiohead and this is compounded by Noel Gallaghers constant slagging of Thom Yorke. To this I will somewhat agree and say that Oasis is always going to sound like Oasis no matter what direction the band goes.

It has been 10yrs since "Whats the Story..." came out and since that record only Liam and Noel remain from that lineup. Their last epic record was "Be Here Now" was a let down despite outselling P-Diddy and Mase back when both Keith and I were dressing up in Dockers, sweaters and putting cologne on trying to pull ass while grinding on girls to the Puff Daddy/Jimmy Page collaboration from Godzilla(talk about not evolving).

The current Lineup steadied their feet with the mediocre Heathen Chemistry(4 #1 singles in UK) but with standouts such as Force of Nature(stooges), Stop Crying Your Heart Out and Hindu Times(thank you Stereophonics). This also marked the first proper songs written by Liam other than the not even good for making an effort Little James off Standing on the Shouler of Giants.

Dont Believe the Truth featured songs written by all members of the band excluding the drummer. While this record is probably one of my least favorites it gets back to proper pub rock with Lyla, Mucky Fingers, Meaning of Soul and possibly one of my favorite Oasis songs, The Importance of Being Idle.

That brings is to the newest record and as with every record since Definately Maybe this one is touted as the best record they have ever done but true to form they have already begun talking about the next one saying they will throw everything but the kitchen sink in for that.

To compare Radiohead and Oasis is to talk of two different bands although both are equally important. Radiohead makes thought provoking, heady music that pushes the limits of what you can do within a studio and how you can recreate that into a great show. While recording an album in typical R-Head fashion it is not uncommon to read reports and interviews of how thr process is draining, a bummer and may be the last record they make as the band is on the verge of breaking up. Have you ever really put on a Radiohead record(not you Keith) for the intensive purproses of getting fired up for a night of drinking Guinness, striking out with the ladies and passing out with a half eaten burrito on the coffee table while your dog sleeps on your stomach? Actually not many have but i usually feel proper bummed out after listening to a Radiohead record.

Oasis makes straight ahead rock music. The lyrics are usually shite save a few of Noels more serious songs but its the hooks, the chorus and the vibe of the songs that pull people in. "Some Might Say" is a great single but many fail to notice the words "the sink if full of dishes/she sleeps with the fishes" line and who can forget "walking down the hall like a cannonball". Both of those were smashes on both sides of the pond. Their records are anthemic and get the crowd to want to go out, have pints and pogo around. Have you ever seen anyone pogo at a Radiohead show?

Did the Stones evolve much, U2, Coldplay, Zeppelin? No, they kept it simple and did what they do---which is play rock music, not make artistic statements and try to push the boundries.

Liam Gallagher/Noel Gallagher may be the last true ROCKSTARS. Dont get me wrong, there are many rockbands and and many that are probably better than Oasis but there is not one frontman who oozes the ROCKSTAR definition that they do. Bono could but he is too busy saving Darfur and being on Oprah. How can one go from the excesses of Zooropa and Zoo TV tours and now talk about excessive spending and the environment.

Back to Dig Out your Soul (I'm sidetracked watching "teen witch " and eating leftover Thai food on my couch with an ex trying to blog about me to keep a coherent thought). The record starts off with 4 straighahead rockers. Keith, are you telling me Bag It Up isnt a top tune? That Waiting for the Rapture doesnt have a great Noel vocal? I will concede that the Lennon sample is lame but shit, we have known for over 15yrs they pray at the alter off the Beatles so take it as it comes i say. Its also easy to see how Liam has grown as a songwriter. Nothing eartshattering but go back to the last few albums and you can see his growth.

Falling Down in my opinion sounds like every unreleased Noel demo ive heard in the past 10yrs. Acoustic with ominois lyrics about growing old and packing it in. The record to me drags after the first 4 songs then picks up at 7-finish. Your killing me Kelrock--to say the groove on To Be Where There's Life is something youve heard before is stretching it.

To conclude this long winded and discombobulated post i say you cant compare the two. Oasis is growing as a band(new lineup is just getting its legs) with the increase in songwriting responsibilites and the others stepping up at the boards. Having Dave Sardy do the record as opposed to sitting in the English country side knob turning is also a nice step as opposed to their last records.

As for being irrelevant. I see they have sold out the largest concerts in Ireland and have to add dates to accomodate their fans. More popular than ever it appears.

That said House of Cards is my favorite song from the two bands this year.

I want a rebuttal


Kelrock said...

Please see my Blog at for a rebuttal to your thesis.

Danny M said...

I'll just start talking about RATM and the conversation will be even more irrelevant.